Luggage storage

Luggage storage

Vintage compositions do not change for years, and all thanks to the natural ingredients in the composition and proper storage.

The main enemies of not only vintage, but also modern perfumes are light and temperature changes. Under no circumstances should bottles be stored on a window, in the bathroom, and especially in the refrigerator (there are such cases).

Perfumes are classified as cosmetics and, according to consumer protection laws, are simply required to have an expiration date. In fact, fragrances can last for decades, otherwise we would never know about the beauty of vintage fragrances.

In some ways, vintage scents are similar to expensive wine. Everything is important here: endurance, presentation, and components. The price of vintage fragrances at auctions can range from 10 to several thousand dollars per bottle, depending on the perfume house, year of release, design features and “age” of the fragrance.

Vintage scents are an art. They concern not only avid perfume maniacs, but also simply lovers of interesting perfumes. Modern fragrances (luxury segment) can be compared to a picture of five shades, vintage compositions are a whole canvas, painted in oil, in which the character and spirit of the time are felt.