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Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

Perfume is an invisible, but unforgettable, unsurpassed fashion accessory. He announces the appearance of a woman and continues to remind her when she is gone.

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Vintage perfumery

Connoisseurs of high-class perfumery understand the advantages of vintage aromas. This category includes aromas released many years ago – 15 or more. As a rule, they have an original composition and their own story, often associated with some famous person.

There are many fakes in the modern market of vintage perfumery, which forces one to be quite careful when choosing such products and their sellers. One of the stores with a proven reputation is the online store SCENTVINTAGE.

Why true connoisseurs prefer vintage?

As a rule, connoisseurs and aesthetes buy vintage aromas. There are several reasons why they choose this particular type of perfume. Among the main ones:

Persistence. The majority of vintage perfumery is made on the basis of natural components, without the use of chemicals that quickly lose their odors. Many aromas remain on clothes even after several washes.
Harmony. Vintage perfumes are perfectly selected notes, thanks to which the fragrance has a perfect smell, unlike any other.
Complex composition. Some vintage perfumes use ingredients that cannot be found in modern compositions.
Limited edition. Some vintage aromas are no longer in production, but there are those that perfume houses have transferred to the category of exclusive ones. For example, Chanel still sells perfumes from the 1930s and 1950s in its branded stores.

Vintage perfume from SCENVINTAGE

In the SCENTVINTAGE online store, vintage aromas are presented in several categories.

Such a division greatly facilitates the choice, allowing the buyer to easily find the desired aroma.

In addition to a wide selection, vintage perfumes from our store meet the following criteria:

  • Authenticity – we present only original vintage aromas. Thanks to the correct storage conditions, they retain the well-known aroma and durability of connoisseurs.

  • Elite – in our online store, customers will find their favorite fragrances from such brands as: JEAN PATOU, BURBERRY, DOLCE GABBANA, KATE MOSS, JIL SANDER, GIORGIO ARMANI and others.

  • Loyal cost – the price of fragrances depends on the brand and the quality of the item, but it is significantly lower than in specialized offline stores.

Each of the vintage fragrances is a kind of work of art. They are an example for modern perfumers, and for lovers they remain an opportunity to emphasize their individuality and style.